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What are Mobile computers and Handheld computers?

Mobile computers provide the processing power, flexibility and instant real-time communication of fixed computers right in the field, where they can be used portably for a literally endless number of efficiency transforming enterprise applications. They come in a variety of form factors, including fixed in-vehicle mobile data terminals, rugged mobile computers and handheld devices. They have transformed business mobility, replacing manual paper based workflows with seamless automated electronic workflows, which connect in real-time to the back office. Micronet’s mobile computers combine the power of a fixed vehicle data terminal with the portability and mobility of the rugged handheld computers. Mobile Computers from Micronet also connect to telematics black boxes, utilising their on-board communications and integrating their GPS and CANbus data where required.

Fleet Telematics and Rugged Mobile Computers

By connecting to existing vehicle telematics black boxes (GPS vehicle tracking units), mobile computers are able to interface with their data, allowing sophisticated and rich software applications that deliver efficiency gains, insight and real-time vehicle, fleet and workforce intelligence. Micronet’s mobile computers are unique in that they connect to existing telematics black boxes, and utilise the GPS and GSM already built in. This avoids the need for a separate simcard, and a separate airtime agreement. This means that Micronet’s rugged mobile computers have a lower total cost of ownership compared to other mobile computers or rugged handheld devices.

Mobile computers for your fleet and mobile applications

Micronet Europe is the exclusive distributor of Micronet mobile computers in Europe. Our rugged mobile computers are available from telematics service providers, value added resellers, systems integrators and independent software vendors. They are the ultimate platform for mobility software applications and are based on the Microsoft Windows embedded CE6 platform. In addition, comprehensive wireless capabilities include GSM voice, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a quad band GPRS modem. This mobile computing platform supports endless possibilities for mobile applications. Examples include satellite navigation, vehicle checks, delivery and service solutions and routing and scheduling (with full support for signature capture). A full DTK (development toolkit) is provided, allowing partners to develop, integrate, test and deploy their applications onto the mobile computers. Mobile applications running on rugged mobile computers have the power to transform productivity, enabling companies to improve their customer experience, whilst reaping improved return on investment.

What to look for when choosing mobile computers and rugged handheld devices

When choosing mobile computers and rugged handheld devices, you want to make sure that you have high quality, dependable hardware that will work efficiently with your software applications. In addition, you want to ensure that your mobile computers provide return on investment and a low total cost of ownership (TCO). One of the challenges of choosing mobile computers and rugged handheld devices is their prohibitive cost, especially those that offer powerful processing capability, and enterprise features / ruggedness. Micronet is committed to creating mobile computers that offer clients all the power and enterprise capability, at prices that make total commercial sense. It’s mobile computers are rated as IP54 for ruggedness, and all mobile computing hardware is manufactured at its in-house ISO9001-2000 facility. In addition, choosing mobile computers that are upgradable and future-proof is key to protect your mobile computing investment - and this is something all Micronet’s products deliver on.